Established in 2003, Tirante A has accumulated years of experience in the development and manufacture of innovative electronic equipment. Our journey has began in the sports market, developing and manufacturing portable instruments for the practice of free flight, sailplaning, ballooning and experimental aviation, a market in which we launched 6 products that won the confidence of practitioners of these sports across Brazil and 21 more countries to which our products were exported. Due to market opportunities and strategic decisions, in 2015, the company changed its focus and started to dedicate itself to the development and manufacture of hardware for the Internet of Things (IoT) market using the preexisting know-how in working with sensors, low power consumption portable devices and data communication.


Promote exceptional customer experiences through the development and production of innovative Electronic Devices to meet the growing demand in the IoT, M2M, Telemetry and Asset Tracking markets, using state of the art technology in electronics.cados de Iot, M2M, Telemetria e Rastreamento, utilizando recursos tecnológicos considerados “estado da arte” em eletrônica.


To be the main Brazilian company of technological equipment for Iot, M2M, Telemetry and Tracking systems, always using the most advanced world technology in its products.


1 - Ethical, honest and transparent conduct with customers, employees, investors, suppliers, partners, environment and the public sector;

2 - Continuous innovation of products, projects and people to maintain a high technological degree in the line card;

3 - Maintain Social Responsibility;

4 - Preserve the environment through the conscious use of natural resources .


The relevance of Social and Environmental Responsibility is increasing every day. Companies have been changing their behavior and interest in the topic. The Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility practiced by the company goes far beyond philanthropy. The company must develop programs that align these aspects, benefiting its internal and external audiences. The actions taken by companies must be in line with the development of society and the environment.